The Hubless Chopper is the Future?

In my opinion Hubless Chopper just a new trend introduced by some daring customizer. I would say that the trend or ideas came out from TRON movie. One thing people see about choppers or harley davidson is the rims.

Maybe the hubless chopper looked strange but the trend would not last long, maybe it gonna repeat again in next 30 years? Well, Trends is not the future.

My late father told me once, Rims are like men shoes, you got to have it fit and looked nice.


One thought on “The Hubless Chopper is the Future?

  1. Hi… Just wanted to pass on my thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and for being brave enough to ‘Follow’ it 🙂 I do wonder how you stumbled across it though? I admit, it’s all a bit new still, but I hope you liked what you read so far, as much as I have writing. Looking forward to seeing more from you too. Uncle Spike

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