Starting your first journey? Read This

There are several elements need to be mastered before you can start up your machine and feel the enjoyment.
First thing is the mental readiness, If you are thinking that handling superbikes is all about fun, then you are damn wrong because it’s a serious thing. If You are messing with the machine the only thing that you can get is hurt. Before you enjoying the rushes of testosterone, You need a Knowledge on the bike (Type,Specification,Purposes), The course/Road (Highway,Tarmac,Gravel, and Speed Limit ), and Safety (Suitable Gear, Road hazard, Night time ride, weather). Try to expand your vision and estimation while riding. Predict the vehicle movement including mastering the driver behaviours on the road. Always have plan A,B,C,… (Emergency Contact, Nearest workshop, and emergency fund. Lastly, dont forget to polish your riding skill by attending a motorcycle riding class/workshop. Try to add your skills and confident level from time to time.

Will more than the skill, let your passion lead first.


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