1975 Harley Davidson advertisement featuring Evel Knievel.

I have to let go one of my favorite bike (Nightrod). Because I’m desperate to raise some funds for my family. It did not stop me from dreaming to get another bike Sportster 72 customed design with special tribute to evel knievel.


Begin with Harley Davidson bike

For those beginner who are keeping harley davidson bike, you need to keep few items that can make your ride easier.

1. Route Weather forecast Knowledge
2. Ride at your own pace,
3. Enjoy scenery, Rushing Ride will give more uncomfortable
4. Know ERS (Emergency Ride Service) any location of bike repair shop, hospitals, police nearby your route.
5. Leave SMS/email to spouse,friends,family (notify them on your destination/route).
6. Post some Selfie/place pictures may help other to help you.
7. Find a good place to rest every day. Riding need your focus,
8. Stay happy !

Home can wait because Rain will go away.

I just saw one local news : One bike was crushed and dragged for 40km by a lorry at 2.30 a.m. The road was slippery and wet. Pity for the rider, that he died on the spot.

Before we pull those throttle, adrenalin getting pumped up, eagerness came in place. Take a deep calm breath for a few second and think ; S.a.f.e. My bike is Safe, My road is safe, the weather is safe. then you decide how is your ride gonna be.

Begin your journey and return in one piece..!

Picking up the jigsaw puzzles

Almost every week, I travel up to 500km just to get a nice weekend ride. Its not the hard or tough to get a ride but the life experience that we get out of it. In my mindset is to get more riding distance every week and absolutely more experiences that I can get out of it.
These experiences just like a jigsaw puzzle that can make you more appreciate, bring out the life values, and inner strength.

Harlistas : Give colours to your journeys

Yes we all can have a journey. Any journey that we’ve could imagine and don’t forget to give more colours to our journey. Let it be any reason like to take a look back down to our life, families, friends, anything.

One of my reason to ride, is because of my late father has a big bike and he really enjoys all the rides that he did before and one thing he told me that he will not suprise at all when I bought big bike later. Like it already in the blood. Now he’s gone, the journey is already begun, I got a lot of things to discover in my life !

Put down your worries and hit the road. Longer the journey become, the more wisdom you get.

The Hubless Chopper is the Future?

In my opinion Hubless Chopper just a new trend introduced by some daring customizer. I would say that the trend or ideas came out from TRON movie. One thing people see about choppers or harley davidson is the rims.

Maybe the hubless chopper looked strange but the trend would not last long, maybe it gonna repeat again in next 30 years? Well, Trends is not the future.

My late father told me once, Rims are like men shoes, you got to have it fit and looked nice.

Ready for Malaysia Adventure

Malaysia has a lot of adventures to offer. You can put it on the list, a very long one. Here’s from my simple list ; Twin Towers of KLCC, Beautiful Islands, Heritage Monuments, delicious Foods, Wildlife conservation center, National Parks, and Great course for motorcycle riding. Other than that, just google youself and the list will continue to add on.

If you are thinking looking for next adventure, please list Malaysia for your next destination. I’ve choosen a Harley Davidson motorcycle riding across the peninsular for myself.

Starting your first journey? Read This

There are several elements need to be mastered before you can start up your machine and feel the enjoyment.
First thing is the mental readiness, If you are thinking that handling superbikes is all about fun, then you are damn wrong because it’s a serious thing. If You are messing with the machine the only thing that you can get is hurt. Before you enjoying the rushes of testosterone, You need a Knowledge on the bike (Type,Specification,Purposes), The course/Road (Highway,Tarmac,Gravel, and Speed Limit ), and Safety (Suitable Gear, Road hazard, Night time ride, weather). Try to expand your vision and estimation while riding. Predict the vehicle movement including mastering the driver behaviours on the road. Always have plan A,B,C,… (Emergency Contact, Nearest workshop, and emergency fund. Lastly, dont forget to polish your riding skill by attending a motorcycle riding class/workshop. Try to add your skills and confident level from time to time.

Will more than the skill, let your passion lead first.

Ride to Live and Live for Dream

What do you live for ? This inspirational video is based on true story. A story about a group of Men (80’s) made their dream journey tour around Taiwan (approx 1000KM) using motocycles.

Everyday we procastinate in living our own dream. we live daily based on others dream. We should pick up our own dream and begin new journey. Then we will realize that we will not regret at all. We continue to appreciate life and happiness including continous contribution to our societies.

The greatest man is those who are bring benefits to others.

Nothing can stop you from 500 days journey

When it comes to get inspired, nothing can stop any motorcyle rider to have a journey of a lifetime .Just named it journey in crossing a wide states, long continent, even across the globe. This video is about one guy travel from Alaska to far away in Argentina. Passing through all rough terrains and places. Now thats is interesting.
But before it all begins, it would be much better to have a good mental strenght, Some progress in training , including one good plan. So what’s is stopping you?